Friday, January 14, 2011

What Are You Making?

Are you making your life right for you?

Here's one view of the Life making process...

Every EXPERIENCE/EVENT (matter) is the raw creative materials that we build with - -

Every THOUGHT (mind) is the creative act of making/building/constructing with the raw materials aound us- -

Our HEART (spirit) is the message we wish to share through what we have made.

LIFE is the sum of what we have made.

Every life has a philosophy, something that it is communicating/saying by the way you are making/living it. Your perception is the great magic wand that transforms everything you experience in life into your scent, your colour pallette, your meaning, your heaven or hell, your transcendance, your spirit's home, your existence, your life.

A bit of advice, if you've got ot make something of it, why not make it suit you? Why not make it your art masterpiece, your love song, your #1 bestseller?

Why not inspire you?

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