Sunday, March 15, 2009

? In who's image...In my image?

Branded Head © Hank Willis Thomas
(Hank Willis Thomas tells a story. From a brilliant perspective. With wit. With ingenuity. With flare and creativity. His vision and visuals stops and arrests us on the expressway of human stereotype. What are we thinking? What are we missing? What are we really seeing? What are we really creating? Hank Willis Thomas tells us, as all messengers should. With honesty and spirit.)

There are so many ways to see me, know me, experience me, filter me, hate me, love me, respect me, ignore me, silence me, celebrate me, laugh at me, enjoy me, create me, blame me, worship me, praise me, f*ck me, idolize me, dismiss me, exploit me, heal me, destroy me and hold me. What is your choice? What is my hope? What is our fate? (L. Pollard)

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